Salty Stories

Catch - Care -Share with Benji Brand
Episode 4

Oahu, Hawaii Uku & Omilu with Benji Brand

In this episode we catch up with Benji Brand on the North Shore of Oahu. Benji searches and connects with 3 species of bottom fish in Oahu, Hawaii. Uku (Green Jobfish), Omilu (Bluefin Trevally) and Ulua (Giant Trevally).

Benji also shares his favorite recipes with the crew. Omilu carpaccio and a Tahitian inspired Peanut Oil Seared Uku with Green Herbs.

Filmed and Edited by James Tull. Narrated by Hayden Lane.

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  • Episode 1 - Catch

    Southern California, Blufin Tuna, From the preparation and planning before hand, the camaraderie and characters involved, and the caring for and sharing of the fish afterwards.

  • Episode 2 - CARE

    There is so much that goes on before and after the hook set, the fight, and landing the fish.

  • Episode 3 - Share

    Catching the fish isn't even half the story.
    In this episode Lucas walks us through his favorite way to make Bluefin Poke as well as some Bluefin Belly Sashimi.